Joyce is a full time inspirational speaker as well as a volunteer/speaker for The UK Sepsis Trust.

After doctors said that Joyce only had 24 hours to live in April 2015, they were astounded that she survived. Thereafter, she was nicknamed, ‘the Miracle Woman’. It took her nearly 2 years to fully recover from the deadly illness known as Sepsis. During this time she began to nurture the desire to encourage and inspire the disabled to have a conquering mind-set to any health challenges. She achieves this by sharing her story of how she developed the mentality to overcome sepsis and to prove that it is possible to live a normal life after a debilitating illness. Joyce is an encourager by nature. Little wonder that her slogan is, ‘I can do it, we can do it.’

Audiences listen with rapt attention when Joyce speaks and they are full of amazement at her outpouring of strength, happiness and encouragement in spite of her disabilities. Many listeners do shed a tear or two having listened to her horrific experience. And yet Joyce exudes an infectious happiness around everyone. People simply marvel at her strong attitude and uninhibited narration of her story. They leave feeling empowered and relieved with a strong desire to take ‘action’ and evaluate their own attitudes to the rigours of life.

Joyce is that speaker who genuinely inspires and delivers to her audience.

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My Miraculous Survival
After Sepsis

-A heartbreaking story of the indomitable spirit-

Joyce began to write her book, ‘My Miraculous Survival After Sepsis’, from her hospital bed in 2017 and continued writing while she was in and out of admissions until her book was published on 27th September 2019.


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