Inspirational Talks & Speaking Engagements

Joyce was invited to King’s Court Chapel and the International Church of Christ both in Atlanta in February and March 2020 as an inspirational speaker. She spoke about her experience with the deadly illness of sepsis, encouraged them and engaged her audience fully for over an hour at each talk. They were in awe of her as they listened with rapt attention. Many of them cried during and after the talks and came up to her afterwards to congratulate her and to thank her for sharing her very moving story.



St George’s Hospital, London at The Anti-microbial Awareness in November 2019. Joyce spoke to a group of 100 medical students including medical researchers and clinicians giving a ‘patient’s perspective’ regarding antibiotics. 

  • The Community Health Newham Directorate, East London NHS Foundation Trust invited her to speak on Sepsis Awareness in May 2018. 
  • Colourful Radio London, interviewed Joyce for one hour in December 2019 about her illness and her book entitled ‘My Miraculous Survival After Sepsis’. 

Signature Topics

  • Joyce will like to talk about her personal experience and her indomitable human spirit and will to survive after sepsis.
  • She will encourage both able-bodied and disabled people to have a changed mindset in order to achieve their dreams
  • Joyce has a passion to help disabled people achieve their dreams

Videos Of Talks

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