My Miraculous Survival After Sepsis

$ 16.02

By: Joyce Oluwole

Joyce began to write her book, ‘My Miraculous Survival After Sepsis’, from her hospital bed in 2017 and continued writing while she was in and out of admissions until her book was published on 27th September 2019.

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This is the story of Joyce Oluwole so vividly told in this racy narrative of 225 pages.
“This book is a heartbreaking story of the indomitable spirit of human perseverance and the unbreakable human will to survive in the dire of circumstances. Sepsis is a dreaded disease that strikes both young and old like a thief in the night.

It is a captivating reading experience as the author tells the story of her grim walk through the valley of the shadow of death without a trace of fear in her voice but an unadulterated faith that God will pull her through. All you can hear, in the background of her heartbeat, is the famous song playing: It is well with my soul.

This book is a must read. This story is necessary.” The objective of this book is not so much to dramatise her own excruciating experience but to lay out the critical importance of saving lives by ensuring that the reader of this book is provided with information on how to recognize the silent symptoms of sepsis thus the critical and decisive lifesaving quick treatment is obtained.

It is estimated that over 14000 sepsis deaths may be avoided each year if information about sepsis is publicized as widely as possible. When you have a fever, very high or very low body temperature, rapid breathing, vomiting or diarrhea,

 it is important not only to see a doctor immediately but to ask the critical question, “can it be sepsis?” Cultivating this mindset is the main mission of this book. The author takes the reader through her near-death experience with sepsis, her 9 months treatment in hospital during which her legs and seven fingers were amputated, life after sepsis and the positive motivational thoughts that sustained her and how she was able to claim her life back.

This book is indeed a must read. It is a necessary public service.