Dr. Dee
Dr Dee.

My Miraculous Survival After Sepsis” is an unforgettable memoir that reflects Joyce Oluwole’s journey towards unbelievable healing.
As a survivor of sepsis, Lady J, as we lovingly call her, gracefully offers us the tools that helped her overcome not only the physical trauma that she went through during and after her extensive surgeries but also the emotional trauma that she suffered. Her story gives us powerful insight into how she overcame unthinkable tribulations and has since thrived as a powerful role model to all.

Joyce is now at the forefront of helping people from all walks of life to overcome life’s challenges and flourish irrespective of what the external looks like. Her phenomenal motivational speaking engagements, some of which I have been fortunate to attend, are life-changing, leaving attendees fired up to face life with renewed vigour and effective step-by-step plans. Joyce has undeniably discovered her new calling from God after facing unthinkable adversity and emerging victorious. She is a blessing to everyone that comes in contact with her, whether through her speaking engagements, through her book, or in other ways. God is definitely using Joyce for His own glory.